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The modern corporate professional spends countless hours sitting at their desks, staring at screens, under artificial lighting, consuming less-than-ideal diets, and with no physical activity or cognitive recovery practice. This is leading to decreased productivity, increased stress, burnout, and turnover.

The demands of the modern workforce often leave leaders & teams feeling overworked, underappreciated, and disconnected from their work.

But what if we told you that there was a better way?

Through the power of biohacking, we can optimize our physical and mental performance, leading to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

By implementing science-backed techniques like mindfulness, nutrition, sleep optimization, and movement, we can combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and create a workplace culture that prioritizes wellness.

After taking care of the body and mind, then we can address the productivity and time management issues.

Become a pioneer in this journey of corporate biohacking and unlock your team's full potential.

Boost productivity, and create a thriving workplace culture. Let's biohack our way to success!

Workplace Low Productivity & Performance

Poor Attention to Detail

This will lead to more mistakes that will cost the business time and money.  

Low Energy

Low energy means low productivity, unachieved KPIs, and unmet business goals.


Low motivation becomes poor performance, which leads to lost customers and revenue.

Lost Talent

If the company is not providing high-performance conditions to its employees, this will cause absenteeism, poor job performance, and high turnover rates.


What is Corporate Biohacking?

Traditional Corporate High-Performance Coaching consists mostly of Mindset, Body Language, and Communication.

And, while these concepts are indeed valuable, we are tired of seeing the same-old coaching principles being sold under different names.

Sadly, corporate coaching has barely evolved during the last 20 years.

Worse than that... High-Performance Coaching is rarely addressing the real cause of the issue: Human Physiology.

We often hear: "Thinking regulates our Feelings, which regulate our Actions, which ultimately become our Results."

But what regulates our thinking? It's our Physiology (our hormones and neurotransmitters).

That is why we proposed a holistic approach to high performance that not only increases corporate results, but also naturally boosts employees' overall health, energy levels, motivation, and happiness in the work environment.

As a company, you get higher productivity and growth, combined with increased job attendance, talent retention, and a healthy and exciting team culture.

Your Holistic High Performance Mentor

Kevin Aventura

Kevin Aventura is an author, entrepreneur, and performance optimization coach. He is most well known for helping entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and teams unlock their peak performance.

Kevin coined the term Corporate Biohacking, and he uses this concept to help businesses increase productivity levels, boost sales, and promote well-being and retention among their teams.

Additionally, Kevin explores the latest neuropsychology and productivity hacking strategies to provide a holistic approach to high performance.

Kevin believes that most people are barely touching the surface of their potential. And, that when provided with the right physiological and productivity strategies, they can become the super performers they were designed to be.


There are several ways in which we can partner with your company.

Most common services:

- 18-minute TED-style presentation at events;
- 90-minute presentation on one of the topics mentioned in the next drop-down menu;
- Half-day training on a combination of different topics;
- Customized 1-90 day coaching program addressing the company's specific needs;
- Workplace Optimization Consulting (Ergonomics, Nutrition, Rest areas, Lighting, Culture);


Corporate Biohacking can encompass a multitude of different themes and these can be adapted to our client's unique obstacles. However, here are the most common subjects we present:

- Physiology as the Compass of Business Results;
- Basic Nutrition for Productivity Optimization at the Workplace;
- Advanced Performance Supplementation and Nootropics;
- Genetic Productivity Compromise: How to Optimize the Corporate Day;
- Biological Time-management to potentiate Flow;
- Sleep Hacking for increased Focus, Creativity, and Results;
- Advanced Energy Management;
- Mindfulness in the Corporate setting;
- Physiological Ergonomics and Workplace Optimization;
- Hacking Emotional State with Advanced Neuropsychology in Sales;


A Team of Peak Performers Means Exponential Growth

A team of peak performers is the backbone of any successful organization. When each member of a team is performing at their highest level, they bring a unique set of skills, ideas, and perspectives to the table, resulting in exponential growth.

Sadly, most corporate high-performance programs overlook the importance of physiological optimization for employees, focusing solely on mental and behavioral aspects. This neglect can lead to decreased productivity and poor health outcomes, as a suboptimal lifestyle and poor nutrition negatively impact cognitive function and overall well-being.

By investing in your team's development with a holistic peak performance approach, you create a competitive advantage that will propel your organization to new heights of success.

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